"I have suffered from plantar fasciitis and recently cramping calf muscles. Rossiter was suggested to me after some disappointment with massage therapy (and I'm a LMT!). Within 4 sessions I was back to training for a marathon. Now with regular "tune ups", I'm feeling better than ever.  Rebecca introduced me to a new world of bodywork and now I'm a certified Rossiter coach ready to help people live with more mobility and less pain!" - Jim F. 
"Thank you for helping me with my feet pains! I noticed this morning my right foot is all better and my left foot will be better soon!" - Melanie A. 
"I came in with back pain that I have had for months. After one quick demo, I could already feel relief! Thanks!" -Joey C.
"Rebecca and the Rossiter stretching was great! She is very knowledgeable about this technique. I am a personal trainer and an avid rock climber, so I know the value in taking care of your body after pushing it to the limit. Rossiter gave me immediate relief with a tweaky shoulder that I was dealing with. It also helped me with some tendonitis I was having in my elbow. Thanks again, you rock!" -John W.
"I am dealing with plantar fasciitis and the relief has been amazing. Pain levels went from a consistent 6+ down to approximately 1 within 4 sessions." -Betty G.
"The release I feel after each session is incredible. From shooting pains to relief with just a few minutes of work is almost a miracle. Each time gets better. I have hope finally for real relief." -Bonie S.