MELT Method Introduction: 

Join me for an Introduction to the MELT Method ( Work with your body's connective tissue system and nervous system to balance, hydrate, gain better function and eliminate pain! This 90min Intro will expose you to both the Hand and Foot Treatments which are considered to be "global" treatments (they affect knees, hips, neck, arms, headaches) and a great introduction to the concepts, goals and results of the MELT soft roller work. We take an entirely different approach to “foam rolling”! I’ve trained directly with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of the MELT Method and look forward to showing you how to be your own Hands Off BodyWorker™!

Foot Fix'n

This class is focused on natural foot health. Alignment, yoga therapy ball work and movement fixes to tackle plantar pain, achilles issues, lower leg tension, bunions. You will learn a touch of mobility theory/strategies to knock out your own "connective tissue issues" before they become a big pain. Foot health is essential as when we get better foot mechanics - we get better knee mechanics -we get better hip mechanics and everything above up regulates. Good stuff! 

I will soon be separating Foot Fix’n into an INTRO class and regular weekly or bi-weekly classes.

Cant' make the Next Class? I do PRIVATES in both the MELT Method and Foot Fix'n and can also set up a Class for your Gym/Group or mini-group privates in my office or your home/facility. 


This is MELT Method Hand and Arm class focused and aimed and designed towards manual and massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and those that often get "connective tissue issues" that could impede your profession. We don't always have time to partake in getting therapies ourselves as often as we need to and MELTing between clients has SAVED me! (we also get to seriously geek out on what MELT is in the neurofascial release realm beyond a general class) Joint Mobilization is also added here as is extensor arm techniques. I am also amenable to coming to your facility. Inquire. 


I am a woodwind player myself.... and I recognize that musicians are truly athletes in their own fields with as much repetitive use issues and injuries as Ironman athletes. It's about time we have a self-care system that can be done easily and fits into our busy rehearsal schedules and lives AND can be done while sitting. MELT Hand treatments help with not only hand tension and finger tension and pain but to maintain use of our thumb joint and helps with motor control (YEP! "Faster fingers!") Joint Mobilization and "Quick On the Go" or "in the middle of rehearsal at my stand" strategies are covered here. I am open to coming to your group/band/symphony/music store/school to teach this in addition. Inquire. 


I’ve trained in the Roll Model Method, Crossfit Mobility and several Yoga Teacher Trainings. Let’s mesh it up and come together for an hour of self-massage, myofascial release work to get rid of aches and pains and injury proof our connective tissue! Ending in some restorative poses, most of this work is done on the floor on a yoga mat (bring one if you have one!) and is wonderfully delicious! I stick with the mantra of “It Doesn’t Have to Hurt to Work” and whenever we can down-regulate our nervous system to a Rest, Digest and Restore state-it’s a Good thing!

**CLASS Dates are Listed on FB page Events OR under my SCHEDULE AN APPT NOW link. **